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e-Magazine Issue 10 - May 2016

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Table of Contents
Basic Scroll Saw Procedures
Twelve steps - from preparing the saw to applying finishing touches, illustrated and described in detail. Included are tips and techniques, especially helpful to the beginner scroll sawyer.


16 Patterns & projects:

@ Hang clock                                                    

Compound-cut Cake lifter 

Compound-cut Vase                                  

Dad's slotted Box                                    

Family heart strings                                            

Flip flop word sign                                              

Puzzle Trivet or Coasters 

Head over boots plaque                                       

Artist's brushes stand

'W’ hang Clock

Turtle Pencil holder

Smartphone stand

Small stool

Leopard portrait 

Hummingbird & flowers Earring stand

His hers paws hanger plaque

Combining scroll sawing and string art

String art, or pin and thread art, is characterized by an arrangement of colored thread strung between points to form abstract geometric patterns or representational designs such as the heart used in the project included in this issue. Colored thread or embroidery floss is wrapped around nails hammered into a base board. String art is inexpensive, and simple to do.