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Welcome to Scroll Saw Artist, the home of Scroll Saw Patterns

I offer a wide variety of downloadable Patterns for all skill levels - from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see some of the latest patterns added and click on the 'NEW PATTERN UPDATES' link below or
to receive notifications when a new FREE PATTERN is uploaded or when I add NEW PATTERNS to my website. As a subscriber you will also periodically receive information on SPECIAL OFFERS and DISCOUNTS for patterns and pattern sets.

Conditions of Use

Some of my patterns start with pencil and sketchpad while others are mouse-drawn in various software programs. I also create portrait style patterns from photographs taken by myself and by friends. Certain patterns are based on material of other artists and photographers and in those cases either permission is obtained to use the image, or the image is from the public domain. 

The right to use a copy of any pattern on this site is being purchased, not ownership of the pattern. Copies of the patterns may not be reproduced in any form for distribution, published, traded, sold or given away. My patterns may not be displayed in any form where it can be downloaded by others. You may create a finished product to sell using the pattern. This includes products made on the scroll saw or with wood carving methods, pyrography, and products made with computerized machinery. If the latter method is used, products may not be mass produced, unless a commercial licence is purchased (see below). If photographs of finished products are displayed on the internet or in open forums in digital format, the largest dimension of an image may not exceed 90mm/3”/225 pixels, and must be 72 dpi maximum. All photos of completed products should have the attribution: Design by Sue Mey –

Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. 

The purchase of a pattern from my website entitles the user to make up to 10 finished projects of that pattern. To make another 10 projects, another copy of the pattern should be purchased. After that, it is deemed commercial use of the pattern and a commercial licence must be purchased. Please contact me for details.